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  • 2748 (Golden Leopard Thong)
  • A344 (Jazzy Metallic Side Tie Bikini)
  • D216 (Belize Braided)
  • E207 (Oasis Beach Banded Thong Bikini)
  • E220 (Easee Fit Vee Thong Bikini)
  • E222 (Easee Fit Twist Bikini)
  • E229 (Royalty Bikini)
  • E255 (Easee Fit Reversable Action Cabana Bikini)
  • E256 (Bandeau Banded Rio Bikini)
  • E257 (Malibu Cheeky Swimsuit)
  • E258 (Oasis Beach Banded Thong Bikini)
  • G215 (Fourth of July Tonga)
  • H222 (G-String Classic Bikini)
  • H225 (Royalty Bikini)
  • M255 (Banded Scoop Bikini)
  • M291 (Shaku Bikini)
  • N240 (Easee Fit Action Cheeky Bikini)
  • N243 (Cabana Banded Bikini)
  • N244 (Cabana Banded Bikini)
  • P200 (Shaku Bikini)
  • P204 (American Bay Bikini)
  • Q207 (Capri Coast Bikini)
  • Q210 (Braided Bikini)
  • Q211 (Braided Bikini)
  • Q215 (Panama Bikini)
  • Q231 (Itsy Bitsy String Bikini)
  • Q232 (Itsy Bitsy String Bikini)
  • Q233 (Itsy Bitsy Bikini)
  • Q234 (Itsy Bitsy String Bikini)
  • Q239 (Oasis Beach Banded Thong Bikini)
  • Q245 (Cabana Banded Bikini)
  • Q249 (Bossa Nova Bikini)
  • V200 (The Wild Braided Bikini)
  • W214 (Braided Bikini)
  • W263 (Vintage Stars and Stripes Open-Back Tankini Bikini)
  • W275 (USA Curvy Girl Bikini)
  • X233 (Tonga Tie Bikini)
  • X242 (Two Strap Bikini)
  • X248 (UjENA Classic G-String)
  • X257 (Cabana Banded Minimizer Swimsuit)
  • Z262 (USA Flag Side Tie Bikini)

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